We awoke Wednesday morning to find that Leo’s petition on change.org had reached signatures just over forty thousand.  The previous night it had just barely reached 10,000.  This news and the spike come shortly after the release of Leo’s new video highlighting the situation and calling for action.  The video was created by a digital media company in Florida that saw Leo’s story by happenstance, giving credit to the power of social media.  Most likely someone in Leo’s Facebook Group shared the petition to someone who then again shared it and eventually the dog loving media company came across it.

Hence, huge thanks to everyone who had a part in this chain reaction, from Kelly Curran to who started the petition to all the members of Leo’s Facebook Group and everyone in between.

Praying for a fair outcome tomorrow and we will be keeping everyone apprised on the situation as it unfolds.

Leo is a German Shepard who was tased and captured on his own front porch while his family was away.  He has been held hostage by the Florence County Animal Control since May 1st and his court date is set for tomorrow, Thursday the 28th.  He hasn’t harmed a soul and this situation is a travesty of a failed k9 justice system in South Carolina.