After nearly a month wrongfully locked up, Leo is being released today to his family’s care. There will be yet be another hearing in the near future to determine if Leo is a “dangerous dog”, however the judge did rule that Leo may be released to his family’s care during the interim period.

Not over yet

With an upcoming court date and a law that still needs addressing the fight get Justice For Leo will continue although we are extremely happy to know that Leo is finally headed home today. As Leo has not harmed anyone we don’t believe the court system will rule him “dangerous”, but then again we could have never imagined this situation would have ever unfolded the way it did to begin with.


Leo’s Family goes live on Facebook in rejoice that they can bring Leo home today.

In a live Facebook video from Leo’s family, Leo’s owner/Mom stated “Thank you everyone for the support and we are on our way to get LEO“.


How Was This Even Possible?

On May 1st 2020 Leo was captured by Florence Animal Control after being tazed on his family’s own front porch. He was kept by the County unjustly thanks to two factors.

  1. The Florence County law states that a dog can be held if a person believes that dog to be dangerous dog and is outside his containment.
  2. A neighbor has made such a statement whom believes that although Leo never harmed them, he is a danger.

The arresting officer, Terry Hughes made a statement to the family comparing Leo’s life to a few hundred dollars, insinuating that they shouldn’t bother with court and instead allow the dog to be put down.


Leo’s Horrid Treatment

During the first two weeks of Leo’s stay at the Florence Animal Control Center, Leo was not given walks and instead forced to live amongst his waste in a small concrete enclosure which was merely hosed off each day. Leo was forming sores from sleeping on the hard concrete and eventually the center, amongst growing pressure from the public and even county officials gave Leo a bed and began to give him bathroom breaks.


Community Support

Leo has a facebook group of supporters that has amassed over 2500 members, including a few businesses whom have taken up his case, pro bono including a law firm, Smith Ammons LLC who is dedicated to the case and done an excellent job of fighting for Leo and a digital media company, IdeaSwell LLC which has donated countless hours to create a website and video which has since gone viral, helping the cause to reach of 80 thousand signatures.


Numerous local news stations have also written stories about Leo and this utter travesty of the failed system.