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In our county, a dog does not have to show aggression or attack anyone to be deemed dangerous. Someone just has to think he is. The court date we were given is a month after he was seized despite the law stating it should be within 5 days.


“He is scared. He is lonely… He is starting to go kennel crazy. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!”

– Liliana Arellano, Leo’s owner/mom


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GoFundMe donations go directly to Leo’s family who will be using the funds to pay for Leo’s shelter fees, court costs and installing surveillance cameras on their property to help prevent this from every happening again. Any funds left over will be donated to SNIP and properly run shelters.

a ruff ride

It’s just craziness.

On May 1, 2020, our family returned home and noticed our 3 year old German Shepard, Leo was missing. We frantically began searching the area. When we left, he was in the fenced in yard.

We then found a note from Environmental Services stating they had picked him up and we had 15 days to get him. We immediately called the number but it was after 5p on Friday and no one was answering. We contacted the shelter via FB and asked if we could pick him up over the weekend. They said no. We arrived on Monday to pick him up and they said he had been deemed dangerous and that they would not be releasing him. A neighbor was reportedly scared of him.

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May 19th, 2020

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Leo’s Coming Home At Last!

Leo’s Coming Home At Last!

After nearly a month wrongfully locked up, Leo is being released today to his family's care. There will be yet be another hearing in the near future to determine if Leo is a "dangerous dog", however the judge did rule that Leo may be released to his family's care...

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